Asbestos Removal, Abatement, and Remediation Services

ASBESTOS services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in the BC Interior

Removal, Abatement, and Remediation

Removal or abatement of asbestos means coming in with the right equipment and the right personal protective gear. We’re trained and experienced at this.

RK Asbestos Removal will come in to your building ready to get to work. We will work quickly, professionally, and safely to protect you and your environment and get the job done in a cost-effective manner.

Disposal of Asbestos

In the same way that asbestos removal should not be carried out by amateurs, it’s also important that the asbestos is disposed of properly.

We know how to do this, and we will do it efficiently and cost-effectively for you and your business.

RK Asbestos Removal works with residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Here’s a brief rundown, and you can find more information on the linked pages:

If you buy a home or live in a home that was built before 1990, there is every chance that some of the building components were manufactured with asbestos.

Any kind of renovation that you do in one of these older homes runs the risk of releasing asbestos into the air. That’s why you should contact RK Asbestos Removal before you start any work.

We look at the job at hand, and let you know if asbestos testing, removal or abatement will be needed.

For offices in buildings that were built more than 20 years ago, you need to be sure that you will not be disturbing any asbestos when you renovate.

RK Asbestos Removal works with commercial clients to determine if asbestos is going to interfere with the construction project.

Industrial work refers to large-scale building and renovation projects in older buildings that were built more than 20 years ago.

RK Asbestos Removal has the experience and equipment to remove and dispose of your asbestos problem safely.

Please feel free to contact us at RK Asbestos Removal. We are your BC Interior premier asbestos removal, abatement, and remediation professionals, and we’re ready to get that asbestos out of your way.

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