Commercial Asbestos Removal and Abatement

Commercial asbestos removal is just asbestos removal or abatement in commercial buildings.

Asbestos is still a major problems in many buildings built before 1990. Although the manufacture of building materials with asbestos was outlawed in the late 1970’s, many of these materials were still used through the 1980’s.

Where could you find asbestos in an older building?

  1. Roofing tiles and flashing.
  2. Old flooring and especially vinyl tiles.
  3. Drywall and drywall joint compounds.
  4. In old ductwork.
  5. Insulation.
  6. Soundproofing.
  7. Ceiling tiles.
  8. Old fabrics, like giant curtains in movie theatres.

And churches and schools are not immune. Asbestos remains a major problem even in schools and church buildings that were built before 1990. These things listed above are just a few examples. Asbestos can be anywhere, but a trained eye with the right equipment can detect it.

In order to proceed safely to renovate these buildings, it’s important to consult professionals like RK Asbestos Removal about whether or not you have any asbestos, and how best to deal with it. It’s a matter of life and death.

Please feel free to contact us at RK Asbestos Removal. We are your premier asbestos removal and abatement professionals, and we’re ready to remove your dangerous asbestos materials throughout the BC Interior from Penticton to Kelowna and throughout the Kootenays.

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